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At Weightmans we regularly work with our clients to understand their funding needs in an evolving market. Our know how in the funding arena on a wide variety of disputes enables us to deliver choices that suit your business and desired allocation of risk to achieve the best outcome for you.

Our solutions are innovative and whether you want to:

  • Maximise your recovery;
  • Avoid big monthly bills;
  • Share risk;
  • Have a fixed ascertainable outlay; or
  • Protect against costs risks

we can offer a range of funding solutions to meet your needs.

Funding options

The funding choices that we are able to offer are set out below and can be used on an individual basis or in combination with each other depending upon your requirements and our assessment of your case.

  1. Conditional Fee Agreement
  2. Discounted CFA
  3. Damages Based Agreement
  4. After the event Insurance
  5. Third Party Funding

If you have a claim, let the experts help you to understand the choices available and work with you to achieve your risk and funding goals.

Case assessment

Alternative funding options are not right for every case and that is why we work with you to undertake an early assessment of the issues involved with your case so that you can be sure of the available options at the outset. Funding options can work in a wide variety of disputes including complex contract claims, intellectual property disputes, company claims and media/defamation. We have experts in every field who can guide you through an examination of the key facts and who can work in conjunction with external funders/insurance providers/brokers.

Our up front case assessment will be undertaken in partnership with you to gain an understanding, so far as is possible, of the relevant background, the parties, the legal issues involved and evidential matters. That will help us to understand whether your prospects of successfully bringing or defending a claim/counterclaim and making a recovery from your opponent are sufficient to implement funding arrangements and what the appropriate arrangements are.

Of course, funding may not always be a concern at the outset of a case and we are experienced in working with clients to introduce funding arrangements at later stages in the life cycle of a case right up to the commencement of the trial period. Our established relationship with funding providers helps us to identify the best products available depending on the particular circumstances of your case.

Our case assessment will involve full and frank discussions with about the financial risks involved with your case, indicative cost budgeting, proportionality and the costs involved with the funding options under consideration so that any decision is a fully informed one. We are happy to undertake an initial assessment of your case on a fixed fee basis to give certainty on costs from the outset.

Implementation of funding

Once a decision has been made about the chosen funding option we will work in conjunction with funding providers/brokers to support any application process and to complete any necessary internal assessments to provide you with a timely response. We will work with you to address any issues/concerns and will ensure that you are informed of progress throughout the process.

Case review

We work with funding providers and clients to ensure that each case is kept under review to ensure that any agreed funding arrangements remain appropriate and to explore any new funding options that should be considered.

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