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After the Event Insurance

After The Event Insurance can be used as a stand alone product or in combination with other funding solutions.  After The Event Insurance is an insurance policy that is taken out after a claim has arisen and will provide protection against your liability for your opponent’s costs where your claim is unsuccessful by indemnifying you up to an agreed limit.

Premiums charged by insurers vary based on the type of claim and the prospects of success.

There are many options that we can explore with you for After The Event Insurance cover including staged premiums, deferred premiums and disbursement cover.  If you are successful you will be required to pay the premium due to the insurer. Although you will normally be required to pay the premium if you lose the case, in certain circumstances the insurer may agree to payment of the premium being contingent upon success.

We work with brokers to ensure you have access to a full range of policies and policy options to suit your cash flow and risk appetite.

Please note that following changes to legislation on funding in 2014 your insurance premium is no longer recoverable from your opponent.

For more information contact the key contacts detailed here.

Robert Jones
T: +44 (0)161 233 7358
Email Robert
Sarah Conroy
T: +44 (0)151 242 6818
Email Sarah