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Discounted CFA

A Discounted CFA is an alternative funding arrangement with Weightmans which helps to reduce your monthly outlay on legal fees. You remain liable to pay the standard rates together with a modest success fee but are interim billed at a discounted rate as the case progresses. In the event of success, you will be liable for the standard rates plus the success fee but in the event of a loss, only the discounted rate is payable.

The definition of conclusion and success will be determined and agreed with you at the outset of the retainer so that it is clear when you will be liable for payment of any fees to us. 

If you lose the case you will be liable to pay your opponents costs as ordered by the court but will only be required to pay our fees that have been billed on a monthly basis at the agreed discounted rate plus any expenses such as counsel, expert and Court fees. 

A Discounted CFA will only be possible in circumstances where your claim has good prospects of success and so it will be necessary for us to conduct a full merits review with you at the outset.  We are happy to undertake a merits review on a fixed fee basis.

For more information contact the key contacts detailed here.

Robert Jones
T: +44 (0)161 233 7358
Email Robert
Sarah Conroy
T: +44 (0)151 242 6818
Email Sarah