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Intellectual property

It is now often the case that one of the most valuable assets of a business is its intellectual property (IP) and disputes can commonly arise in relation to the use and protection of that IP. We are experienced in helping our clients (whether large corporations, SMEs or entrepreneurs) to resolve such disputes as quickly and cost effectively as possible thus minimising business interruption.

We provide a seamless service, working closely with our non-contentious IP team across all aspects of a matter, to swiftly identify the relevant issues and offer guidance on the strategy to be adopted to support or defend a claim together with early advice on merits and funding.

We are able to provide expert advice across a wide range of contentious IP issues in a variety of business sectors, including:

  • 'Passing off'
  • Copyright infringement;
  • Trade mark infringement;
  • Infringement of database right;
  • Infringement of registered and unregistered design right;
  • Misuse of confidential information

Examples of matters on which members of the team have advised include:

  • issues arising from the alleged breach of a worldwide trade mark licence by an overseas subsidiary of a UK plc; 
  • advising a leading university on the alleged infringement of database right by a researcher working for a member of its academic staff;
  • a claim for breach of confidence, infringement of design right and/or infringement of copyright through the use of drawings for the purposes of a planning application;
  • alleged infringement of copyright in relation to an academic journal;  
  • ownership of moral rights in connection with an academic paper;
  • trade mark infringement and supply of counterfeit goods/'grey imports';
  • trade mark infringement/'passing off' claim in connection with the use of Google 'Adwords';
  • domain name disputes/cyber-squatting;

We are happy to provide you with an initial assessment and recommend preliminary action on a fixed fee basis in order to provide you with certainty of cost.

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