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Helping your business stay competitive – and compliant.

The ability to recruit from overseas is a business-critical issue for many employers, ensuring that the workforce has the necessary skills, experience and depth of resource.

Yet business immigration law is a complex area that is constantly changing. It can be difficult for employers and HR professionals to keep up to date with the rules.

Our business immigration specialists advise employers in a broad range of sectors, including multinationals, educational establishments and technology start-ups. We also advise entrepreneurs, investors and high net worth individuals on business immigration matters.

Whatever your situation, we aim to make life easy for you by giving you practical, clear advice tailored to your needs. We can advise you on all aspects of business immigration, including:

• Applying for a sponsor licence
• Compliance and advice on sponsor duties
• Tier 2 of the points-based system (sponsorship of skilled workers)
• Tier 5 of the points-based system (temporary workers)
• Preventing illegal working
• Business visitors
• Tier 1 (entrepreneur) and Tier 1 (investor) visas
• Global mobility

All our immigration specialists are employment lawyers. This enables us to advise seamlessly on the immigration and employment law issues arising from any matter.

Keeping you on track with our mock compliance visits and right to work audits

Complying with sponsor duties is vital for employers with a sponsor licence, especially if you rely on recruiting migrant workers to fill skills shortages. Breaching sponsor duties or immigration rules can lead to serious financial, operational and reputational risks. The ultimate sanctions include revocation of the licence by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), as well as civil and criminal penalties.

Download our flyer for information about our fixed price mock compliance visits, to ensure your procedures comply with UKVI requirements.

Right to Work Checks

All employers are obliged to carry out right to work checks- and a failure to do so could lead to criminal and civil liabilities. We can help you to identify any areas of risk. For information download our flyer on fixed price right to work audits.