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Market Affairs Group

The world of insurance and claims is a constantly changing one.  A fortnight ago, we were waiting for the Prisons and Courts Bill to complete the Committee Stage at Parliament and many were heralding this as a mechanism for bringing about changes not only to whiplash personal injury claims but also do how the discount rate is calculated. 

Fast forward a week and we have the announcement of the snap general election on 8 June 2017 which meant that all Parliamentary business needed to be concluded in a period known as "wash up" before Parliament is dissolved prior to the general election. 

It has been confirmed that both the Prisons and Courts Bill and the Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill will not be enacted prior to the dissolution of Parliament and they have therefore been dropped. 

Some commentators have heralded this position as a stark change in government policy, however, in our view the decision not to push these Bills through reflects their complexity and the detailed negotiations that they demand.  In reality, this is merely a pause in the process, both Bills could in theory be reintroduced as soon as 9 June 2017 depending of course on the outcome of the election. 

We will be monitoring the outcome of the election and lobbying for the re-introduction of both Bills at the earliest available opportunity.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us via the "ask a question" button.