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Consent to treatment

Specialist service provided by highly experienced practitioners in defending compensation claims against clinicians and NHS employers.

Recent legal developments have made the issue of consent for medical treatment something of a legal minefield. However competently treatment may otherwise have been performed, where a clinician cannot prove that informed consent was given, and a patient is unhappy with the outcome of treatment, a claim for compensation may result.

Weightmans' Consent to Treatment team are specialists in defending such claims on behalf of clinicians and NHS employers. We have built up considerable expertise in the investigation and analysis of claims, and the methodology of defending them in the most effective way. We work regularly on cases referred through the NHSLA.

For medical professionals and NHS Trusts, we understand that these cases go well beyond the financial issues; your reputation is also at stake and we do everything to minimise the impact of such claims on your standing in the community.

Our procedures are extremely rigorous and based on a full and current understanding of acceptable practice, peer group standards and the principles of specific authorisation. We take every step necessary from examining case records in fine detail to providing robust expert witnesses to defend your position.

We will advise on the most appropriate action to take according to the particular case, in order to minimise your time involvement and achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Tony Yeaman
"We do everything to minimise the impact of claims on your standing in the community"
Tony Yeaman

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