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Inquiries and inquests

A specialist team that understands the priorities, technicalities and sensitivities of public inquiries and inquests.

Our expertise, insights and high level experience covers a wide variety of roles in many public inquiries and Article 2 inquests. This is built on the experience we gained in matters such as the Bichard inquiry into the Soham murders, the Francis inquiry into Mid Staffordshire General Hospital and the AL Sweady inquiry into the Iraq war.

Whatever the situation, our specialist team understands the need for transparency and public accountability, and we are adept at effectively addressing and managing the reputational and administrative issues faced by public authorities and others who may be assisting an inquiry.

Our services include acting as solicitor or secretary to the inquiry or inquest, handling all legal issues and providing support to the Chairman and Counsel for the inquiry.

All public inquiries and investigations have rules and protocols dealing with procedure. We can write these or advise clients on how they should follow them.

We can deal with all issues of disclosure, advising those involved in the inquiry on their duty of disclosure and applying for restriction notices preventing disclosure of sensitive information if required.

Our team is also highly experienced in managing evidential issues, such as taking and drafting witness statements and ensuring witnesses understand their role in the inquiry.

During the course of the inquiry or investigation, many official requests will be made, normally on the disclosure of documents and witness evidence. We can advise on the correct response in each area. We can also advise clients on amending their internal procedures to reflect the terms of reference of the inquiry or recommendations that the inquiry makes.  

Public inquiries and Article 2 inquests always attract a good deal of media interest and enquiries.  Our experienced team can support clients in dealing with media interest and responding to media requests, as well as advising on reputational issues.