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We are exceptionally pleased to announce that Daniel M. Rosenberg will be joining us on Tuesday 30 November 2021 at 1pm for a truly fascinating virtual discussion around the topics of prejudice and bias.

Daniel is a podcaster & public speaker, best known for hosting The Sod’s Law Podcast ( Some of Daniel’s previous podcast titles have been “Team God w/ Rizwan Wadan”; “Black Solidarity with Israel w/ Joshua Washington”; and “Jewish Pride w/ Ben M. Freeman”.

Daniel will lead us through an insightful discussion on the prejudices and biases all individuals from a minority background face in a world that lacks understanding and, sometimes, empathy. We will gain an insight into what it means to be a Jew, and we will journey through some of the common themes all minorities (regardless of race, gender, religion etc) face and how we can support each other.

Tuesday 30 November, is the second day of Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Light, which lasts 8 days. It is a tradition to eat fried foods on Chanukah to celebrate the miracle of the oil in the temple lasting 8 days, when it was only sufficient for one day. 



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