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As those managing professional partnerships know, running a firm is seldom easy. Highly driven and opinionated partners have the potential to create tension and disagreement – ultimately even to damage a firm by seeking to depart and take with them partnership clients and business. Underperforming partners can create just as many problems by refusing to leave.

What steps can firms take to ensure that their managing partners have the necessary powers to deliver on running their firm efficiently and without (undemocratic) debate? And when they need to wield their power to control wayward partners, what pitfalls should they be on the lookout to avoid?

In this webinar, Simon and Andrew will discuss, with audience participation, the scenarios they see time and time again, when firms are faced with difficult partners. They will discuss what can go wrong (and right) and what steps were taken to bring matters to a conclusion – providing insights obtained over some 50 combined years of dealing with partnership disputes.

They will also consider the flip-side of the coin; what arguments might partners wishing to escape the clutches of partnership control raise and how can they make life difficult for the firms that they wish to leave.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Ensuring that a proper partnership agreement is in place and what it should include
  • What can happen when there is no such agreement?
  • What can a partner do to resist being controlled before they retire or resign from a firm and what can be done to control them afterwards?
  • How can personalities affect the legal position?
  • How are disputes conducted and how are they typically resolved?

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