Cyber, privacy and data | Introducing CyXcel - A pro-active 360° approach to asset security, data protection and privacy

Weightmans London
Starts: 26/03/2019 09:00 - 13:00
0207 822 1900


Cyber, privacy and data are important words in today’s times and are having a significant impact on businesses and their insurers’ books of business. You are invited to attend our event on 26 March 2019 to learn from industry leaders on various topics informing on resilience, incident response planning and incident response and how CyXcel by Weightmans can assist in these areas.

For further information on the agenda and to register, please see details below.

1. Demonstration

  •  Demystifying the Dark Web
  1. 6point6

2. The importance of resilience


  • Ubiquity of cyber events (the ones we see)
  • Importance of resilience to all organisations   
  • The impact of disruption 


  1. Ankura
  2. Skaarbeck
  3. BTVK
  4. Weightmans
  5. Cyxtera

3. Practical implications of a breach


  • Managing breaches is not a by numbers process    
  • Data subject breach experience
  • The changing face of litigation
  • The impact of the Morrisons
  1. Cyberscout
  2. Weightmans
  3. Context
  4. 3B Data Security
  5. Citypress

4. Latest threat intelligence


  • The cybercrime economy
  • Dealing with extortion
  • Working with law enforcement
  1. NCA
  2. Cyjax
  3. First Response
  4. KCS Group Europe 
  5. Weightmans 

5. Demonstration


  • What does a hack actually look like!
  1. 6Point6

: Tuesday 26 March 2019


9.00am - Registration
9.30am - Start
10.50am - 15min coffee break
1.00pm - Finish & lunch

Location: Weightmans, 105 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 5JG (view map)



 For any further information please contact Emma Kavannagh at

 To find out more about CyXcel visit

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