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Workshop summary

The summer of 2020 saw the Government launch regulated e-scooter rental schemes in English cities, presenting the general public with access to operator-owned and maintained e-scooters. These trials are not however studying the hundreds of thousands of privately owned e-scooters which conform to no particular safety standards and which are currently illegal to use on public roads, pavements and cycle tracks.

If private e-scooters are to be legalised PACTS wants that legislation to include evidence-based safety measures to protect the riders and other road users. PACTS is carrying out a study, funded by the Road Safety Trust, which aims to enhance government research by capturing collision data involving all e-scooters (both private and for hire) and understanding safe aspects of their use and construction. This workshop presents an opportunity to learn from the study which PACTS is undertaking, and to discuss ways in which the devices could be legalised, should the government choose to do so.

This session will take place on Wednesday 10 November (11am to 12pm) and requires pre-registration, which will be done on a first-come-first served basis. Registration for this session will open in October. Further information to follow. 


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