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Migration Advisory Committee launch a call for evidence

The UK Government made a commitment to consider the impact of the UK no longer having free movement of workers.

Following the end of free movement of workers between the UK and the EU on 31 December 2020, some employers in particular sectors have been significantly impacted by the depleted number of EU workers wanting to stay, or return, to the UK.

The UK Government, during the debates on the Immigration and Social Security Coordination (EU withdrawal) Act 2020, made a commitment to consider the impact of the UK no longer having free movement of workers. This commitment, coupled with a need to gain a better understanding of the impact, has led to the Government commissioning the Migration Advisory Committee (“MAC”) to undertake a review of adult social care and the effects it has suffered as a result of the loss of free movement of individuals.

  • The Consultation, launched on 4 August 2021, seeks views from wide range of  individuals, employers and representative organisations. MAC have been tasked with focusing on:
    • Skills shortages within the adult social care workforce to include care workers, registered nurses and managerial roles
    • Different visa options for social care workers
    • The long term consequences for workforce recruitment, training and employee terms and conditions.

The MAC chair, Brian Bell in response to the commission said

“This is a major piece of work on a complex and important issue. We have seen, during the pandemic, how vital social care is to the health and wellbeing of the UK population. The ending of freedom of movement, following the UK’s exit from the EU, has often been cited as being likely to have a negative impact on social care. You have asked us to consider the size and shape of this impact and potential mitigations, if required.”

The Consultation will close on 29 October 2021 and MAC are expected to report their findings to the Government in April 2022.

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