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HSE spot checks during COVID-19 pandemic

HSE spot checks and inspections are being carried out across the country.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) continues to advertise through social media and its website that spot checks and inspections are being carried out across the country, and clients report to us experience of both.

What does this mean?

HSE inspectors and local authority environmental health officers (EHOs) may call or visit premises to check on systems and paperwork designed to ensure the workplace is COVID secure in accordance with government guidelines.

They may wish to talk to workers and their representatives. A failure to participate in any HSE inspection may result in enforcement action being taken.

Top tips

  • Risk assessment and measures in response is not a one off exercise, the more so with changing conditions, lockdowns, variants of COVID-19 and government guidelines, so all procedures should be kept under review and updated promptly.
  • If it is a visit by an inspector in person, make sure you verify their identity before admitting them to the premises and that they are equipped with PPE.
  • If you have advance notice you should prepare for the visit and co-operate with the inspector(s).
  • A visit in person may include other safety arrangements, not just those relating to COVID-19 measures.
  • Do not forget that they may also want to know about your employees working from home and the systems in place to keep them safe.
  • Take detailed notes throughout the process.
  • Keep details of any documents handed over, copy documents should suffice and better to send by email.
  • Be prepared, don’t get caught out!

COVID-19 Audit & Risk assessments

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