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With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore, a Christmas poem for family lawyers

Matthew Taylor shares this thought-provoking poem to remind us to put children's welfare at the heart of all family disputes

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when ever so gently
Family solicitors informed their clients aplenty
To think of their children at this time of year,
And to show their ex-partner some small festive cheer.

Children are desperate to see dad and mum
Happy, relaxed and joyous, not glum;
Putting their kids’ best interests first,
Showing the best of themselves, not their worst.

So parents make sure that your kids get to see,
Not just their presents stacked under the tree;
But their folks getting contact with them, taking turns,
Unless there are genuine welfare concerns.

Don’t stop them from seeing him for Christmas dinner,
Because you think that means dad is the winner;
And don’t turn up late just to annoy her,
Unless you want to hear from mum’s family lawyer.

Christmas is tough when your parents live separately,
And the relationship is damaged almost irreparably.
So keep things civil when the children are in sight,
Happy Christmas to all, don’t let it end with a fight!

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