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COVID Secure for schools We have a specialist team here for you to seek to ensure you are legally protected

COVID Secure for schools

Never before has the safe reopening of schools been so topical or controversial. The issue has sadly become both political and to some degree, unionised. In times of unprecedented uncertainty and challenge, Schools need guidance and support to sense-check the unenviable decisions they are having to make.

In response to this, we have created a specialist team to be there for you to assist in seeking to ensure you are COVID Secure.

We have already with clients on risk assessing whether to reopen schools or not and if so, how that can be achieved safely. We have also given advice on the employment related issues as the staff and pupils mobilise back to school. We are therefore well placed to support you in these challenging areas.   

We can assist you with

  • Drafting or reviewing your COVID Secure Risk Assessment
  • PPE
  • Social distancing of different age groups (including the school bus)
  • Safe entrance and exit at drop-off and collection time
  • Powers of the Local Authority
  • Contentious issues around disability, vulnerability, ethnicity and age
  • Implementing and enforcing the COVID Secure rules
  • Managing the workforce return to work and aiding your interaction with the Unions
  • Addressing risks of continuing working from home where that needs to run alongside the partial reopening of schools
  • The clinically vulnerable and clinically extremely vulnerable staff and pupils
  • Media interaction.

*Our service can be obtained on a fixed or capped fee, giving you cost certainty.

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Dewi Ap-Thomas
Dewi Ap-Thomas


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Seonaid Busby
Seonaid Busby


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