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A 360° approach to information security, data protection and privacy - with an emphasis on cyber resilience, incident planning and response.

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Cyber presents a unique challenge for organisations and it's more important than ever that an effective enterprise-level approach to resilience is high on C-suite and Board agendas.

Your organisation needs to be able to not just withstand a potential cyber event, but also recover from one swiftly and continue to prosper. In reality though, few organisations can fully absorb all the costs and wider impact of an unplanned and unstructured response to a cyber event, even with the benefit of insurance. CyXcel is designed to help you with this...

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The CyXcel team combines international experts in law and regulation, IT security, forensics, intelligence and public relations and includes strategy execution experts with security and resilience DNA born of experience working with the private and public sectors, government and the military.

Our strength lies in our collective experience and expertise, collaborative approach, seamless delivery and strong working relationships with regulators and law enforcement agencies. The development and deployment of bespoke AI and automated technological solutions to mitigate time and cost pressures are key features of our delivery.

We act for all businesses, large and small, as well as for insurers, corporates, public bodies and private individuals. Our team is dedicated to improving your organisation’s cyber resilience holistically as efficiently and smoothly as possible – and at a fair price.

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