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The changing energy landscape: what next? Energy in Transition video series

Welcome to Energy in Transition, a series of interviews with key players in the clean energy sector.

Valuable insights from true industry experts

In this series, we explore different aspects of the clean energy sector with real experts to get their views on how the sector is changing, what the journey to carbon net zero might look like, the impact of disruptive new technologies, evolving business models and what impact the COVID-19 pandemic could have on it all.


Corporate power purchase agreements

Our energy expert, Levent Gürdenli, and Juan Pablo Cerda, CEO and Founder of Zeigo, discuss the future of the Corporate PPA market and the role that they can play in achieving Net Zero, especially in light of some of the challenges that we are facing as a result of the Coronavirus.

Energy management

Levent Gürdenli and Cian Duggan, the Chief Innovation Officer and Founder of Carbon Intelligence discuss energy management and sustainability strategies for organisations.

In a very interesting discussion, we hear from Cian how it has now become essential for all organisations to have an effective sustainability strategy for business success. No longer a “nice to have” - from attracting and retaining employees, reducing maintenance costs, enhancing your brand image and securing external investment - the true value of sustainability for a business cannot be overstated and can no longer be ignored. We discussed how technology is being used to build a sustainable future, how important it is to set science-based targets, why data is the “holy grail” of energy management projects and how, ultimately, behavioural change is critical to reducing your carbon footprints.

This is essential viewing for any organisation that is considering starting its sustainability journey or that wants to improve their current performance.

Battery storage

Jim Jordan talks to Marek Kubik, Market Director at Fluence. We consider trends in the battery storage sector and consider whether COVID-19 is having a significant impact on projects, both live and in the pipeline. Fluence is a Siemens and AES company and a leading player in the energy storage market with nearly 2000 megawatts of projects operational or awarded globally.

Energy recovery projects - is it business as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Simon Colvin talks to Alistair Hilditch Brown about the impact of the pandemic on the Broad Groups energy recovery project at Buttington.


Jim Jordan discusses the role of hydrogen with Professor Joe Howe from the University of Chester. This is particularly relevant given that the European Commission has recently unveiled a €750bn economic recovery package, with a focus on "rolling out renewable energy projects, especially wind and solar, and kick-starting a clean hydrogen economy in Europe."

The world of energy management consultancy

Simon Colvin talks to Chris Wilson, Director of Chris Wilson Consulting about the impacts of the current coronavirus pandemic on energy management and the next steps going forward.

Electricity System Operator

Partner, Tracy Lake, talks to Craig Dyke, Interim Head of Strategy & Regulation at National Grid to better understand the role of National Grid as Electricity System Operator and how COVID-19 has impacted supply and demand of electricity.

The road to net zero

Jim Jordan looks at how the transport industry is adapting to the challenges it is faced with by COVID-19 and the how we will be able to achieve Net Zero.  He is joined by Steve Hobson, Editor of Motor Transport Magazine who provides and insight into how the transport and energy landscape is becoming more and more linked and the big considerations and legislation businesses are facing in order to provide fleets with cleaner emissions to help achieve our Net Zero commitments.

Solar power

Levent Gurdenli looks at one of the success stories of the energy sector, solar power and discusses with Peter Bolton, Investment Director at Foresight Group how the sector has grown substantially over the last decade.  They share some interesting developments being experienced in the sector together with insight into what the UK needs to do in order to hit our Net Zero targets.

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