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How will the reforms affect you? Insurers beware a surge of late notification PI claims

Insurers are reporting a troubling upturn in late notification of personal injury claims.

Such claims are usually presented six or more months after an incident; some are presented long after an insurer has dealt with vehicle damage and related losses have been resolved, whereas others come completely out of the blue when no other claims have been presented.

These delayed claims for personal injury often give rise to suspicion, where there is no apparent good reason for the delay, that the person was not really injured.

What is the cause of the upturn?

The events of the last 12 months have created a perfect storm for late notification claims.

Firstly, the impact of COVID-19 and economic hardship felt by many as a result of that, has motivated people that might not ordinarily make a low value injury claim to do just that.

Secondly, from 31 May 2021 PI claims with value up to £5,000 arising out road traffic incidents on or after that date will proceed in the non-costs bearing Official Injury Claim portal. Many solicitors and claims management companies are thus believed to be working hard to generate as much costs bearing work as they can in the low value PI claims space.

Why precisely is this a concern?

Not only does an increase in late claims add significantly to an insurer’s operating costs, data shows that those claims are more likely to be fraudulent. The most common types are: -

  1. Low velocity impact cases, where injury was unlikely
  2. Other causation issues
  3. Bogus passengers
  4. Unnecessary or exaggerated claims for treatment.

How can we help?

Weightmans can offer the benefit of cost-effective and efficient processes, designed to ensure we identify and settle genuine claims favourably and weed out the fraudulent claims and repudiate them.

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