Property View: Weightmans' online estate management tool

We have helped clients across all sectors manage and create value from their estates with our web-based estate management tool – Property View.

Property View is designed to help landlords and tenants handle their portfolios more effectively, whatever their size. It is a sophisticated yet user-friendly system that delivers control, transparency and faster decision-making capabilities. This online tool provides you with secure access to your property portfolio comprising title documents, information and reports through an innovative dashboard.

How can Property View help your business?

  • Sophisticated software provides you with key dates relating to the life-cycle of properties and leases, such as lease breaks, rent reviews, lease expiries, rent payments and service charge payments.
  • Produces email alerts ahead of significant dates so you know well in advance what action needs to be taken.
  • Features a user-friendly dashboard, plus graphical and visual representations of information. As a result, you get a clear and unambiguous picture of activities during a specific timescale.
  • Store all your title documents, making them available at the touch of a button.
  • Tracks the progress of your cases, establishing whether any actions are required by you, Weightmans, or solicitors on the other side.
  • Summarises financial information, detailing bills already raised, or in the pipeline, and the level of work in progress.
  • Employs multiple filters to identify properties matched by the your selection criteria. For instance, you could see at a glance how many leases will be expiring in the next three years, and add to this another filter showing how many have a full repairing obligation with no schedule of condition which can assist with any potential dilapidation liability.
  • Compiles information about your properties and leases, enabling you to make well-informed decisions about your portfolio and thereby reducing unnecessary administration and legal costs.
  • Assist in exceeding your own internal KPI’s by building the reporting parameters around those metrics crucial to your business.

The complete transparency provided by Property View enables you to effectively evaluate the progress Weightmans are making on your behalf in terms of costs and timeframes.

The property industry is increasingly diverse so systems have been developed within Property View for a variety of market sectors including retail, healthcare, education, local authorities and housebuilding. Additionally, bespoke aftercare support allows services to be adapted or innovated for the highly specialised needs of your business.

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