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This year, Divorce Day is Tuesday 3 January. Traditionally, divorce enquiries tend to spike during this time.

As lawyers prepare for Divorce Day, national law firm Weightmans is urging couples seeking separation to consider how they might do it amicably and potentially avoid court. 

Divorce Day falls shortly after Christmas and New Year where traditionally, family lawyers see a surge in enquiries.

This year it falls today, on Tuesday 3 January,  as the first working day of the new year.

It is at this time of year that enquiries around divorce usually spike, mostly in part to many couples waiting until after the festive season, to avoid conflict over the holidays.

Emma Collins, partner and family law expert at national law firm Weightmans, said:

“Any divorce can come with disputes. This year, we’re urging divorcing couples to consider how they can settle any disagreements – whether that be about money, child arrangements or property – outside of the court.

“Family courts are facing severe backlogs, which can mean couples face a long wait for a resolution. Options like mediation and arbitration can help resolve issues far more quickly, cheaply and harmoniously.

“Mediation involves working with a trained mediator, who helps couples to identify solutions that achieve lasting resolutions. Arbitration allows families to appoint a private judge to decide their case, but provides more flexibility, and is quicker than standard legal proceedings. Both parties will put their arguments to the arbitrator, who will then reach a decision. This will be binding, and subsequently recorded in a court order.

“If you’re not sure which option might be right for you, speak to a family lawyer. There are ways to make divorce as smooth and amicable as possible. Considering these options will help secure the best possible outcomes for all involved.”