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National Apprenticeship Week - the future is bright for the legal professional of the future

Reflecting on National Apprenticeship Week and the launch of our new Academy in late 2020..

As we reach the end of National Apprenticeship Week 2021, our Managing Partner John Schorah explains why the launch of our new apprenticeship academy is such an exciting development for the firm: 

“The new Weightmans Apprenticeship Academy is going to be hugely important for us. It will help us futureproof our business - as markets and work evolve it will be vital that training and development in our firm is not just about legal skills.
"Our academy is a programme to create “T” shaped lawyers for Weightmans; nurturing true legal expertise that is cut across by various other specific skillsets - however - we want to offer more than that. Some of those other skills will indeed be technical competencies in other areas like technology or business development, but we also want to create an environment for apprentices to be more emotionally intelligent.
"Business is changing rapidly. Our customers want holistic solutions to their problems - the law will just form one part of their needs. Through our Academy we are combining the highest standard of legal learning with business acumen and digital skills in order to equip apprentices with a toolkit to provide up to date, practical solutions to modern day challenges.
"I am sure it will help us develop much more rounded future leaders that will help shape the whole sustainability agenda for business. We are always looking to attract talented people from different backgrounds who are passionate about law and can't wait for our new cohort to join us in the Autumn."

Find out more about the Weightmans Apprenticeship Academy and hear more from John and our HR Director Helen Taylor here: