Weightmans Leeds the way for Pride

A solicitor at national law firm Weightmans LLP has been selected as the first Director for LGBT+ for the Leeds Law Society.

Matthew Jones, solicitor at Weightmans, was appointed to the role this summer and will be working with the Society to tackle LGBT+ issues and raise awareness.

His work is already well underway, with the hosting of the Leeds Law Society’s first ever LGBT+ event in July at Weightmans’ Leeds office and arranging for staff from Weightmans to join the 2018 Leeds Pride Parade with colleagues from the Leeds Law Society.Staff from Weightmans join the 2018 Leeds Pride Parade

Weightmans is the sole law firm sponsor of the inaugural Leeds Rainbow Plaque Trail, a series of 15 rainbow dedications placed on various landmarks around Leeds to celebrate and highlight the city’s rich and diverse LGBT+ history, events and people. The firm’s plaque is in memory of Robert Hawthorn Kitson, watercolour artist and patron of the arts and can be found outside the Leeds Art Gallery.

Weightmans staff from across the UK continue to mark the summer Pride celebrations, and the firm has recently reviewed national diversity plans, setting new targets for inclusion.

Sam Airey, HR Director at Weightmans said:

“We are so proud of our staff, proud of our inclusive culture and proud to have clients equally as supportive. However, there’s always more to be done and we continue to make significant progress in advancing equality and diversity.

“Our people have been supporting their local LGBT+ initiatives and creating new exciting platforms for each other and their wider business communities; creating safe spaces to share ideas and make progress.

“As a business we are committed to ensuring we are truly diverse and we are proud that Matthew has taken up the first role ever for Leeds Law Society as LGBT Director.”

Matthew added:

“A person’s sexual identity or orientation should not stop them from achieving their goals or full potential.

“I am deeply honoured and privileged to be a director of the Leeds Law Society and working with them in LGBT+ issues. It is a subject close to my heart and I am excited to be collaborating with peers from across the legal industry. I look forward to many more opportunities to support my colleagues and wider network to help make Weightmans and the Leeds Law Society the most inclusive and LGBT+ friendly it can be.

“All of our activities this summer have already seen us make giant strides in terms of awareness and support. The LGBT+ networking event and Pride parade are the first in the Leeds Law Society’s history – I am proud that we are truly making history.”

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