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Get ready – Decarbonising heat – 2020 and beyond

We are expecting a Government paper on the range of policy options under consideration to be published early in 2020.

Renewable power in the higher education sector

A recent deal has reportedly allowed universities to fix the price of their power for the next ten years, protecting them against fluctuations in a…

Public sector pensions – two key developments

This month has seen two key developments that are likely to have a wide-reaching ongoing impact on public sector pensions.

Jane Marshall
Jane Marshall Partner

Brexit in a page - what you need to know.

Brexit expert Jacqui Bickerton summarises all you need to know about the discussions in Parliament this week.

Jacqui Bickerton
Jacqui Bickerton Principal Associate

When court and classroom meet

As a new school year gets underway, teachers and management staff may unwittingly find themselves involved in disputes between separated parents.

Lottie Tyler
Lottie Tyler Principal Associate

Public sector case law update

With numerous important judgements passed recently, we have summarised recent cases with links provided to the full judgments and our legal updates…

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

The Carillion Avalanche

There has been a great deal of commentary and analysis hitting the press and social media since we all woke up on the morning of Monday 15th January…

Hard, soft or somewhere in the middle: the effects and implications of Brexit in the Public Sector

The effects of Brexit on social housing, and the public sector workforce, shared services and the environment, are broad and uncertain. What will…

Simon Goacher
Simon Goacher Partner

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