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The Apprenticeship Levy: a guide for higher education institutions

In the 2015 Autumn Statement, the Government announced its intention to introduce an ‘apprenticeship levy’ to facilitate increased numbers of…

Susan Matthews
Susan Matthews Principal Associate

Dismissal of head teacher for failure to disclose potential safeguarding risk was fair

The court decided that a head teacher had been fairly dismissed for failing to disclose her relationship with a person convicted of making indecent…

Stephen Peacock
Steve Peacock Partner

Shared Parental Leave & Pay

The principle of SPL is simple; a new approach to allow families more choice and flexibility over how they look after children in the first year.

Ben Daniel
Ben Daniel Partner

Department of Education publishes updated privacy notices for schools and local authorities

On 26 April 2016, the DfE published updated forms of privacy notice, for schools and local authorities to issue to individuals about the collection of…

Morris Hill
Morris Hill Legal Director

Higher education and construction – some current trends

The market for procurement by universities remains healthy. A recent report showed university spending on non-residential development was at an…

Martin Vincent
Martin Vincent Partner

The Modern Slavery Act 2015: publication of a slavery and human trafficking statement

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 was enacted on 26 March 2015 to consolidate the existing legislation on slavery.

Ben Daniel
Ben Daniel Partner

Refusal to allow employee to be accompanied by his companion of choice was a breach of trust and confidence

In the case of Stevens v University of Birmingham the High Court has held that the University’s refusal to allow Professor Stevens to be accompanied…

Claire Hollins
Claire Hollins Principal Associate


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