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Why ambulance services can’t afford to be last on the scene when it comes to collaboration

Nathan East of national law firm Weightmans explains why the ambulance service should embrace collaboration.

Nathan East
Nathan East Partner

Brexit in a page - what you need to know.

Brexit expert Jacqui Bickerton summarises all you need to know about the discussions in Parliament this week.

Jacqui Bickerton
Jacqui Bickerton Principal Associate


Positive action: First Employment Tribunal case highlights stumbling blocks

An Employment Tribunal has unanimously found that a police force’s recruitment process directly discriminated against a white, heterosexual, male.

Ben Daniel
Ben Daniel Partner


Yaxley-Lennon v Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Constabulary (unreported)

The claimant brought claims against the defendant for discrimination, harassment and breach of Articles 8,9 and 10 ECHR.

Joanna Carty Associate


Sticking to the script

A covert human intelligence source was placed in a witness protection scheme.

John Riddell
John Riddell Partner


Retention of data: Catt v The United Kingdom 2019, European Court of Human Rights

The court determined that whilst the police were justified in collecting data they were not justified in retaining Mr Catt’s data in this case.

Joanna Carty Associate


A pattern of behaviour?

Divisional Court (Hickinbottom LJ and Moulder J) [2018] EWHC 3333 (Admin)


A question of cause and effect

The Court of Appeal agreed that there had been reasonable grounds to suspect the celebrity entertainer; Michael Barrymore.

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