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Misconduct case to answer – crossing the threshold

A direction by the IOPC requiring City of London Police to subject an officer to gross misconduct proceedings was not irrational.

Nick Peel
Nick Peel Partner

Budget 2018 - Weightmans' View

Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his final Budget before Brexit today (Monday, October 29), his second budget of the year.

Haydn Rogan
Haydn Rogan Partner

LEGAL COMMENT: British Airways cyber attack

British Airways has announced a 'sophisticated and malicious' cyber attack, where for 16 days hackers were able to retrieve customer data from both…

Ed Lewis
Ed Lewis Partner

Duty of care, negligence and assumption of responsibility

When the Supreme Court reconvene for the Michaelmas term in October, public bodies will be keenly awaiting the judgments in...

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

Acquittals can be disclosed on enhanced criminal records certificates

It was not a breach of the Article 8 right to privacy for a chief constable to include details of an individual’s acquittal on a charge of rape on an…

John Riddell
John Riddell Consultant

Fantastic exceptions to QOCS and where to find them

The appellant police forces successfully appealed the trial judge’s ruling on costs that qualified one-way costs shifting (“QOCS”) applied,…

Martin Forshaw
Martin Forshaw Partner

Has the High Court opened the door to the recovery of costs for defendants in RTA portal cases involving high value vehicle related damages?

High Court considers a discretion to dis-apply QOCS protection where the claim presented is a mix of personal injury and vehicle related damages

Chris Ball
Chris Ball Partner

Restoring the litigation balance

The Supreme Court recognised that employers should be free to act as they think fit litigation and do not owe a duty of care to employees/officers.

Martin Forshaw
Martin Forshaw Partner

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