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Public sector exit payment reforms

HM Treasury’s response to the public sector exit payments consultation tells us that the government has not seen evidence to change their view.

Phil Allen
Phil Allen Partner

Root cause analysis investigation reports

A root cause analysis investigation is an investigation undertaken to establish the originating causes which have led to a death or an avoidable…

Dewi Ap-Thomas
Dewi Ap-Thomas Partner

The palaver of public sector exit payments

What a palaver. The Government has now been consulting about reforming the entitlement to public sector exit payments for over 18 months. The…

Emlyn Williams
Emlyn Williams Partner

High Court overturns NHS England decision

The High Court has overturned NHS England’s decision to refuse funding for a drug used to treat narcolepsy.

Richard Jolly
Richard Jolly Partner

Public sector apprenticeship targets: What you told us

Thanks to all who responded to our questionnaire on the Government’s proposals to introduce apprenticeship ‘targets’ in the public sector.

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

Managing long running PFI contracts: Portsmouth City Council v Ensign Highways Ltd

How should public bodies administer long-running PFI contracts which will operate for many years to come where the changed financial climate impacts…

Public Eye - Winter 2015/2016

The pressing political agenda to improve services with less funding is central to every area of public sector management.

Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper Partner

Public Eye - Summer 2015

With the General Election over and the first Conservative government in power for almost 20 years, change is sweeping through the public sector.

Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper Partner

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