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Are care rates about to get even more expensive for insurers?

Care rates are already rising rapidly (almost 20% in the last three years). The Supreme Court has been hearing arguments in respect of night time…

Dave Cottam
Dave Cottam Partner

When neither driver nor deity takes a hand

Allen Woodhouse v Lochs and Glens (Transport) Ltd

e-Scooters and e-bikes

How might the new Conservative government and Brexit affect this growing market?

Philip Nicholas
Philip Nicholas Associate

Brexit presents fundamental implications for the insurance industry

Following the UK’s Brexit Referendum which determined that the UK would leave the EU, the effects upon the UK and EU insurance industry quickly began…

Jacqui Bickerton
Jacqui Bickerton Principal Associate

The Ghost of Christmas yet to come!

This month saw the release of the latest national life tables from the Office for National Statistics (or ONS). Blaise Smith, Partner reviews and…

Blaise Smith
Blaise Smith Partner

Asghar v Galliford Try Plant & Another County Court at Sheffield 18 October 2019

Claimant’s inaccurate account of the circumstances of a collision leads to a finding of fundamental dishonest.

Jeff Turton
Jeff Turton Principal Associate

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