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Restraining commencement of adjudication during COVID-19 restrictions: MillChris Developments Ltd v Waters (2020)

The restrictions imposed by the UK Government in order to tackle COVID-19 present a unique set of challenges to parties seeking to conduct…

Chris Doran
Chris Doran Partner

Silicosis – The next asbestos?

Silica is a naturally occurring substance found in rocks, sand and clay.  It forms a large constituent element of common construction materials.

Jim Byard
Jim Byard Partner

Coronavirus – considerations for business interruption insurance

Insurers are fielding large volumes of queries from concerned business owners regarding cover under business interruption.

Simon Durkin
Simon Durkin Partner

Claimant told not to record medical examination

The British Psychological Society to provide guidance on the use of audio recordings of neuropsychological test in personal injury cases.

Liam McGuire
Liam McGuire Partner

Challenge to Roberts v Johnstone accommodation claims

The delay in this case is unavoidable. The Court of Appeal and the parties are keen that this appeal is heard as soon as possible.

Dave Cottam
Dave Cottam Partner

COVID-19: the short and long term implications for claims handling organisations and litigation

The impact that COVID-19 is having and will have on claims handling organisations and litigation generally.

Jim Byard
Jim Byard Partner

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Business Closure) (England) Regulations 2020

These emergency regulations came into force on at 2.00pm on Saturday 21st March. They make it an offence not to comply and give designated officers…

John Riddell
John Riddell Partner

A right to silence

In recent years there has been something of a proliferation of contempt actions brought by defendants and/or insurers in the context of fraudulent…

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

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