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Thin red lines or clear blue water – the child protection labyrinth

Child protection is an issue both of paramount importance and complexity. Understandably, it is rarely out of the news.

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

QOCS and Counterclaims

There have been two recent conflicting decisions regarding the recoverability of costs where a claimant has been faced with a counterclaim.

Liam McGuire
Liam McGuire Partner

Company restoration: Time limit removed for insurers

Insurers will now be able to bring proceedings in the name of companies no matter when they were dissolved.

Michael Budd Associate

Pedalling dishonesty - cyclist's highway claims 'shot to pieces'

Lucking v Cheshire East Council: Crewe County Court 5 November 2018 – DDJ Causton

Suzanne Milne
Suzanne Milne Partner

Bogus injury claim against council ‘shot to pieces’ by social media

A cyclist, who attempted to sue Cheshire East Council for up to £140,000 by lying about an accident has had his case thrown out by a judge – after…

Suzanne Milne
Suzanne Milne Partner

LEGAL COMMENT: Law Commission announces autonomous vehicles consultation

Today the Law Commission released its consultation on the measures needed to ensure the successful development of autonomous vehicles..

Kurt Rowe
Kurt Rowe Associate

Periodical payments and discount rates: Jersey – all change!

Draft proposals have been published in Jersey with a view to new law being introduced to change the way the discount rate is set.

Dave Cottam
Dave Cottam Partner

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