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Insights and opinions on the latest law, legislation and policies.

An introduction to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

Peter Wake offers some guidance on the key tenets of the Act and looks at the meaning of ‘surveillance’…

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

Commercial recoveries - dealing with vulnerable customers

Local government debt recovery can be a challenge, legal departments face constant pressures to be both effective debt collectors and be self…

Local Government, Section 41 Highways Act 1980, personal injury

The Council was not liable for an accident caused by a patch of moss on the highway; the highway was not out of repair under section 41 of the…

Shaheen Akhtar
Shaheen Akhtar Principal Associate

Burden of proof in Occupiers’ Liability Act claims

The council was not liable for an accident at its swimming pool when the claimant was unable to provide any evidence as to the cause of her fall.

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

The openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 - questions, answers and unanswered questions

In the summer holidays, CLG evidently have nothing better to do than rewrite the rules for local authority meetings and decisions. August 2012 saw…

Simon Goacher
Simon Goacher Partner

The evolving landscape of foreseeability in tree root subsidence cases

Recent decisions have provided further clarification in establishing liability for damage arising from the effects of tree roots on properties.

Impact of the public contracts regime on the research funding marketplace

An often overlooked procurement question in the sector is the possible impact of the public contracts regime on the research funding marketplace.

Martin Vincent
Martin Vincent Partner

Dismissing statutory whistleblowers in local government

The statutory protection for local authorities’ 'whistleblowing' post holders has been watered down but there are still some very loose ends.

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

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