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Insights and opinions on the latest law, legislation and policies.

A political substitution

A court has approved the substitution of a planning committee member by another member with a different view on a controversial planning application.

Lee Gordon
Lee Gordon Partner

Implying rights into a completed transfer of land

An easement was held to be implied into a transfer, allowing the developer to install and maintain on adjacent land connections to the public utility…

David Tabinor
David Tabinor Partner

Allotment rents increase unlawful

The Administrative Court has recently held that Leeds City Council’s decision to increase allotment rents was unlawful.

Sian Evans
Sian Evans Partner

Harmonising contracts after a transfer - Court of Appeal confirm it's risky

TUPE can be a real headache.  When employees transfer to you on various different terms and conditions, this can make them very difficult to manage.

An improper purpose

One of the fascinations of administrative law is the number of different rules you can break with a single flawed decision.

Simon Goacher
Simon Goacher Partner

TUPE – short term duration exception is narrowed

In an important judgment for those entering contracts of uncertain duration, the EAT has restricted when short-term duration exceptions to TUPE…

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

Ill-health early retirement from LGPS: Independence test for certifying medical practitioner

Mark Poulston comments on a recent determination by the Deputy Pensions Ombudsman that will have implications for many local authorities.

Mark Poulston
Mark Poulston Partner

Is the clock ticking? The importance of time limits in judicial review

In judicial review proceedings, CPR 54.5 requires that the claim form must be filed not later than 3 months after the grounds to make the claim…

Simon Goacher
Simon Goacher Partner

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