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Employers vicariously liable for data breach

Employers could be vicariously liable for misusing employee’s data even if they had done all they reasonably could to prevent it.

Martin Forshaw
Martin Forshaw Partner

Uber drivers are workers, confirms EAT

The EAT has confirmed that drivers for Uber are not ‘self-employed’ service providers but are engaged as workers by the company

GDPR: what to do when a data breach occurs

The General Data Protection Regulation will introduce strict new reporting and record-keeping requirements in relation to data breaches.

Do unions have to specify dates of planned strikes?

A trade union is given various protections in UK law as long as there is a genuine trade dispute and the industrial action is organised.

New law gives time off and pay to bereaved parents

The Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Bill has now been published. This will give bereaved parents the right to time off work following the death…

Truck cartel

The European Commission has found that five truck manufacturers participated in an illegal cartel concerning the supply of medium and heavy trucks.

The duty to make reasonable adjustments – what you can learn from the case of the wheelchair v the buggy

The Supreme Court has handed down an important Judgment on the extent of the duty to make reasonable adjustments in circumstances involving…

Burden of proof for cargo claims under Hague Rules

The Commercial Court has held that the Package Limitation Provisions in Article IV Rule 5 of the Hague Rules do not apply to bulk cargo.

Phil James
Phil James Partner

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