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Termination of a contract for repudiatory breach

The High Court has considered whether a party terminating a contract for repudiatory breach at common law must follow the contract's termination…

Catherine Hendy
Catherine Hendy Principal Associate

Share purchases: vendor protection on warranty claims and basis of interpretation

A recent decision has again highlighted the importance of careful drafting of clauses in sale and purchase agreements which deal with warranty…

Sarah Walton
Sarah Walton Partner

Joint ventures – rise of the fiduciary duty

A director of a joint venture company will more often than not be a director of one of the companies participating in the joint venture.

Kieran Donovan
Kieran Donovan Partner

A business owner’s guide to post-termination restrictions

Many contracts contain post-termination restriction clauses that operate to restrict the actions of a party following termination.

Justifying early termination and varying contracts by email

The High Court has considered a number of issues in the recent case of C&S Associates UK Ltd v Enterprise Insurance Company plc.

Haroon Younis
Haroon Younis Principal Associate

Change in accounting standards and the implications for transactions involving “small” companies

The use of accounting standards is well established in the preparation of company annual accounts and completion accounts in transactions.

Roland Hutchins
Roland Hutchins Partner

Sale of Goods: seller's liability for sub-contracts

Where a seller fails to deliver, delivers late, or delivers defective goods, the remedies of the buyer are set out in the Sales of Goods Act 1979.

Paul Raftery
Paul Raftery Partner

Update to the Transactions in Securities rules

With diverging top rates of income and capital gains tax, it is no surprise that taxpayers have looked at ways to convert income returns into capital…

Haydn Rogan
Haydn Rogan Partner

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