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Are expert reports in inquests privileged?

An overview of inquests that appear to be adversarial in nature

James Rowley
James Rowley Partner
Disrepair during COVID-19

With the UK in lockdown on the orders of the Government and social distancing being observed, many landlords are unsure whether they can access…

Sian Evans
Sian Evans Partner

Government announces additional measures to protect business tenants from debt recovery actions

Commercial landlords have been temporarily prevented from taking action against tenants who have failed to pay their rent due to the pandemic.

Peter Hall
Peter Hall Principal Associate

Vicarious liability – the Supreme Court restores order

The Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the appeals of two defendant organisations against findings that they were vicariously liable for the…

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

Whittington Hospital NHS Trust v XX –Supreme Court decision

Awards of damages for foreign commercial surrogacy are no longer contrary to public policy

Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson Partner

Forfeiture frustrated – emergency legislation to protect business tenancies

Emergency legislation intended to protect business tenants from the threat of having their leases forfeited for non-payment of rent.

Peter Hall
Peter Hall Principal Associate

COVID-19: the short and long term implications for claims handling organisations and litigation

The impact that COVID-19 is having and will have on claims handling organisations and litigation generally.

Jim Byard
Jim Byard Partner

Remedies of last resort

A police officer subject to police disciplinary proceedings was not be given leave for judicial review where prejudicial documents were wrongfully…

John Riddell
John Riddell Partner

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