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Redundancy dismissals

Redundancy dismissals ought to be more straightforward than other dismissals. Put simply, employers need fewer people, so dismissals will inevitably…

Twitter troubles?

Last month two nurses were dismissed for tweeting personal details about patients and posting picture of themselves online wearing incontinence pads.

Reasonable redeployment

Is an employer obliged to waive a competitive interview process for a disabled candidate? No, suggests the Employment Appeal Tribunal in a recent…

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

Well adjusted? Disciplinary proceedings for disabled employees

Many employers are not comfortable where it is clear that employee illness or disability means that a 'textbook' disciplinary approach might not work…

Phil Allen
Phil Allen Partner

Dancing for a job? A cautionary tale for recruiters

For those concerned with the recruitment of employees, a recent case serves as a timely reminder of the importance of getting the recruitment process…

Bhavesh Prajapati Associate

Costa Del Office

After a hot and summery July, you may have noticed an increase in staff wearing clothes that are more suitable for a day on the beach than the…

Term of employment

As recently reported in the news, from September 2015 all state schools will be able to decide their own term dates, under plans for more school…

Employee must still be paid even whilst suspended on serious fraud charges

We are often asked whether suspended employees must be paid. Unfortunately the answer is usually yes, as has been confirmed by a recent decision.

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