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Unconscious bias: A hidden risk?

If discrimination persists, it follows that there may be subtler forces, or unconscious biases, at work.

Paul McFarlane
Paul McFarlane Partner

TUPE: The duty to inform and consult

This article looks at employers’ duties once the decision has been taken to pass any or all of the business to a new owner.

Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers Associate

Equal pay update: Can employees compare their pay to colleagues in another business area?

Asda has suffered a further blow in its defence of equal pay claims brought by claimants who work in supermarket stores.

Jawaid Rehman
Jawaid Rehman Partner

FAQ: April 2019 payslip changes; what do I need to know?

With effect from 6 April 2019, some important changes to payslip rules come into force.

Mandy Higgins
Mandy Higgins Partner

Can a claimant insist that an employment tribunal Judgment is removed from the online public record?

The recent case of Ameyaw v Price Waterhouse Coopers Services Ltd has served as a useful reminder that the tribunal can only exclude a judgment from…

Mandy Higgins
Mandy Higgins Partner

An employers guide to GDPR

What has GDPR meant for employers? We offer guidance for employers on the key issues.

Ross Hutchison Associate

Veganuary blues? Is veganism a protected “philosophical belief”?

An employment tribunal is set to determine whether veganism is a “philosophical belief” that can be legally protected, in a landmark legal action.

Elaine McIlroy - Glasgow employment lawyer
Elaine McIlroy Partner

Disability discrimination: what counts as ‘unfavourable’ treatment?

The Equality Act 2010 protects employees from being treated ‘unfavourably’ because of something arising from their disability.

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

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