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Handling grievances - 5 handy tips

It is important for an organisation to have an effective grievance procedure which allows staff to raise issues within the workplace in a way which…

Dealing with complaints of sexual harassment – a 5 step approach

Sexual harassment has hit the headlines in recent months and research suggests that harassment is still prevalent in workplaces across the UK.

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

Ten top tips on dealing with flexible working requests

From 30 June 2014, the right to request flexible working request was extended to all employees providing they have 26 weeks continuous employment.

Claire Hollins
Claire Hollins Associate

Legal advice not always confidential says EAT

There are exceptions to the rule that legal advice given to a client cannot be referred to in an employment tribunal

Ben Daniel
Ben Daniel Partner

Changing workplace policies and procedures

Policy review exercises don’t often appear at the top of an HR professional’s list of favourite tasks, but HR policies and procedures are important.

Mark Leach
Mark Leach Partner

Planning redundancies: Top Tips for dealing with employees on maternity leave

Our top tips should help you strike the right balance and reduce the risk of claims for unfair dismissal, pregnancy and maternity discrimination and…

Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers Associate

Employees that ‘sleep-in’: Important new case on pay and working time

Court of Appeal holds that care workers who ‘sleep-in’ are not entitled to the national minimum wage (or national living wage) for the time during…

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

Do we need to include voluntary overtime in holiday pay? Latest EAT guidance is bad news for the NHS

EAT holds that both “non-guaranteed” and voluntary overtime should be included in holiday pay for NHS staff

Emlyn Williams
Emlyn Williams Partner

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