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Stopping e-mail access to absent employee was unlawful discrimination

Do you have to maintain e-mail access for an employee absent on ill health grounds? Do you cut them off, to protect your confidential information and…

The right to commission in holiday pay unLocked by UK Judgment

A UK Tribunal has decided that employees who are paid commission, must have lost commission taken into account in some of their holiday pay.

When absence goes AWOL

An Indian Civil Servant hit the headlines recently for finally being dismissed after failing to turn up for work for 25 years.

What have the Working Time Regulations done for us?

For over 15 years the Working Time Regulations 1998 have provided structure for UK employers in working out working hours.

Disablement pension – meaning of “permanently disabled” within the meaning of the police pensions regulations 1987 regulation a12

On the facts of the case, the judge found that the PMAB was entitled to find that there was no evidence of a permanent disabling medical condition.

Martin Forshaw
Martin Forshaw Partner

Employees with criminal convictions: A right to work?

Footballer Ched Evans was released from prison last October, having served half of his five-year sentence for the rape of a 19-year old woman.

Appeals against H&S enforcement notices – the role of the UK employment tribunal

Regulators in the UK often serve enforcement notices on companies as a means of securing compliance with health and safety legislation.

Crispin Kenyon
Crispin Kenyon Partner

The science museum and the missing exhibit

Neat and tidy personnel files are the objective of every HR manager, but all too often – and for a variety of reasons – there will be gaps in the…

Michael Ryley
Michael Ryley Partner

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