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Zero hours contracts: zero impact?

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill which is before Parliament includes a ban on the use of 'exclusivity clauses' in zero hours…

Michael Ryley
Michael Ryley Partner

Can we ban the burqa or veil in the workplace?

Following the ECHR's decision to uphold France's ban on women wearing full face coverings in public, Phil Allen looks at the implications for UK…

Must an attendance policy be ‘adjusted’ for a disabled employee?

The judgment of the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the recent case of Griffiths v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, will offer a degree of…

Flexible working: increasingly complex

Today, flexible working arrangements are common to most workplaces and the majority of employment sectors. Employees can be found to be engaged on an…

Ill-health early retirement from LGPS: Independence test for certifying medical practitioner

Mark Poulston comments on a recent determination by the Deputy Pensions Ombudsman that will have implications for many local authorities.

Mark Poulston
Mark Poulston Partner

Reasonable redeployment

Is an employer obliged to waive a competitive interview process for a disabled candidate? No, suggests the Employment Appeal Tribunal in a recent…

Louise Singh
Louise Singh Associate

Suitable alternative employment? It’s all about what’s reasonable for that employee

The Court of Appeal has handed down an important judgment on what is suitable alternative employment for an otherwise redundant employee.

Well adjusted? Disciplinary proceedings for disabled employees

Many employers are not comfortable where it is clear that employee illness or disability means that a 'textbook' disciplinary approach might not work…

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