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Weightmans welcomes leading family law expert to head up Leeds offering

Weightmans expands its private client presence with the appointment of a family law expert and launch of a team to provide family law services across…

Louise Walker
Louise Walker Partner

Is fault based divorce the cause of greater animosity between parties?

A recent report, prepared on research conducted by the University of Essex, confirms the notion that a change to divorce law is crucial.

Meera Shinh
Meera Shinh Solicitor

Increase in cohabitation leaves many without legal protection

Married couples remain the most common type of family but there has been a dramatic increase in cohabitation. This can leave many without legal…

Fiona Turner
Fiona Turner Partner

Hair strand testing in the family courts - is it reliable?

Hair strand testing is often used in children proceedings where there is a suggestion that a parent has been using illegal substances but how reliable…

Linzi Perriman
Linzi Perriman Associate

Court as the last resort – alternative dispute resolution in family law

During a divorce, the temptation can often be for parties to rush to court and seek a determination from a Judge, but this is not the only option.

Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor Associate

New law gives time off and pay to bereaved parents

The Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Bill has now been published. This will give bereaved parents the right to time off work following the death…

Civil partnerships v marriage – is divorce the same?

We have explored the differences between marriage and civil partnership. But how do you go about bringing such a relationship to an end?

Fiona Turner
Fiona Turner Partner

To pre-nup or not to pre-nup – that is the question

With summer wedding season just around the corner and thoughts of champagne, flowers and invitations in the air, often contracts and legal advice are…

Rachel Lim
Rachel Lim Principal Associate


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