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Other family issues

Leading legal services for all aspects of family law.

There are many points in your life where you may need to seek legal advice from a family law expert. Weightmans is here to help you at every stage, including...

Child support

We can advise on applications for child maintenance and assist in negotiations to reach child maintenance agreements on divorce/dissolution or separation.

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Cohabitation and property disputes

Increasingly, couples are choosing to live together without getting married. However, many misconceptions exist surrounding the status and financial implications of the relationship. Weightmans' family law team can provide legal advice at the start of a relationship, when consideration should be given to a cohabitation agreement, as well as dispute resolution for cohabitating couples if their relationship breaks down.


When couples or single people join together to start a family – 'co-parenting' – we can advise on the legal status of co-parents and who will have (or may acquire) parental responsibility for any child, as well as the legal applications that may need to be made.

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Inheritance claims

If you or your children were financially dependent on someone who has died and adequate provision has not been made for you in their Will or by the law of intestacy, you may have the right to apply to the Court for provision from their estate.

Our family lawyers can provide sensitive legal advice for clients requiring inheritance claims support should the relevant provisions not have been put in place.

Pre- or post-marital agreements

At the beginning of – or during – your relationship, discussions concerning what would happen should it break down can be hugely helpful further down the line. We offer pragmatic support for future legal protection.

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We can help you to fully understand the complicated legal position involved in taking the step of surrogacy, especially where there is a foreign surrogacy arrangement.

Walker v Innospec Limited - Supreme Court rules on equal pension rights for same gender partners

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