Weightmans can help you with any aspect of suspected or alleged fraudulent activity in any type of situation whether criminal or civil, through our dedicated, specialist counter fraud teams described below. If you think that we might be able to help you or if you have any questions please contact the relevant lead partner below.

Business crime

If your company or you as a company officer, face allegations of fraud then our business crime team can help you through those investigations and any action subsequently brought by the prosecuting bodies, from dawn raid, through police station to court.

As part of that service, we represent companies and individuals as suspects through all aspects of the criminal process.

We also advise and assist companies on compliance with financial crime legislation as well as assisting companies faced with disclosure requests from prosecuting bodies which are investigating fraud.

Our fraud investigatory skills enable us to advise on and conduct internal investigations for companies when faced with an internal fraud problem.

We can also advise on the merits of and bring private prosecutions as part of preventative counter fraud measures we can offer to lower your risk of being a victim of fraud.

In short, if your company or you have a criminal fraud problem, be that as a suspect or a victim, then our business crime team can help you.

Contact: Euros Jones


We act extensively for insurers, the public sector, self insureds and companies and deal with the broad range of casualty fraud cases which continue to increase in number as the market changes.

In addition to our leading expertise in representing clients with large scale casualty fraud rings, fabricated or contrived accidents and/or exaggerated claims, we have technical excellence in the casualty liability sphere which remains crucial when faced with the nuances of specialist casualty risk and/or high value quantum claims.

We positively support our clients in the detection, investigation and prosecution of fraud and recognise the importance of positive publicity as a further deterrent. We are dealing with one of the largest known public liability fraud operations in recent years. We have also secured numerous findings of fundamental dishonesty and contempt of court securing custodial sentences on behalf of clients.

Our internal and external PR capability has enabled us to attract national press and television reporting on these fraud successes. We work closely with our clients to improve internal fraud detection systems, to develop and adopt bespoke strategies and initiatives and we also offer training across all fraud disciplines. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Contact: Suzanne Milne


You might be the victim of a suspected fraud. You might be about to blow the whistle on someone. You could have found yourself caught up in someone else's wrongdoing. You might have been wrongly accused. You may have been served with an injunction or search order. You might be a fellow-professional in need of specialist legal advice or representation. You might want a second opinion on a case that is not under control.

Whatever the context, you will need skilled investigators who understand electronically stored evidence: where to find it; how to retrieve it; how to weigh it and how to present it. You need the assurance of confidentiality whilst you decide what your exposure is and what the remedies are. Above all you need speed. You need a multi-disciplinary team. We know the market for fraud services. We know whom to call on. We know how the criminal and civil justice systems work. We understand data and technology. We are experts in civil, criminal and insolvency law, privacy and the law of investigations. If there is an overseas aspect, we have partners across the globe.

We understand complex businesses. We unravel complex scenarios. We get to the heart of the matter. We talk straight. We are highly professional. You can trust us to say and do what is best for you.

We have been specialists in this work for decades. We know what works. We know what can go wrong. We know how to get value for money.

Contact: Mark Surguy


Faced with a liability to pay legal costs, whether those of your own representative or an opponent, the determination as to the correct sum payable requires a bespoke service in order to navigate the myriad of avenues open to paymasters in challenging legal spend whether by compromise, ADR or litigation.

Whether sums claimed are said to be fraudulent, exaggerated or simply excessive, utilising the wealth of knowledge and expertise within our niche costs & advocacy team, ensures that only sums which are reasonable, proportionate and genuinely incurred are paid.

With a proven track record within the legal costs arena, we are well placed to minimise and manage your costs exposure. The niche costs & advocacy team accepts instructions on all manner of costs-related disputes. The team is led by Iain Stark, partner, with in excess of 30 years’ experience, assisted by costs lawyers, solicitors and advocates.

Contact: Iain Stark

Credit hire

We have a dedicated credit hire fraud team, which identifies dishonest and dysfunctional behaviours and challenges those behaviours in the courts.

Our team has successfully prosecuted what is thought to be the first contempt case involving a claimant whose dishonesty arose principally out of his credit hire and vehicle damage claim. The team has also succeeded in what may be the highest value credit hire related tort of deceit action brought in the courts.

We integrate our successful results into our processes to ensure a cutting edge and robust credit hire fraud strategy and that we deliver on our objective of maximising savings for clients and bringing fraudsters to book.

Contact: Charles Williams


Weightmans was the first defendant law firm to create a disease-specific counter fraud unit, as long ago as 2011, because traditional methods of detection applied to motor and other claim types don’t work for disease. Since then we have worked with our clients, raising the profile of disease fraud and developing detection methods in partnership with them, allowing us to achieve fraud savings of more than £15million over three years for one insurer in relation to its noise and vibration claims.

We seek to achieve a unified, market level strategic response to adverse claimant (and key attractors’) behaviours in order to help create ’defendant friendly’ decisions and bodies of law.

Our data, for example on in excess of 30,000 noise claims, allows us unique market insights.

We are well versed in preventing payments in fraudulent claims, obtaining findings of fundamental dishonesty, effected recoveries and obtaining sanctions where appropriate.

The team deals with all disease types and is led by Paul Debney, a partner with over 25 years’ experience of defending disease claims.

Contact: Paul Debney


Our intelligence team works in tandem with our fraud teams (be that civil or commercial), providing expertise and insights to assist in the prevention, detection and repudiation of fraud claims. Our intelligence team, as well as undertaking general fraud investigations, provides quantum reports, asset recovery reports and/or can undertake tracing enquiries. Bespoke evidence can be collated for, and reports tailored to, our clients’ needs. Our Affiliate Membership of the IFB allows us access to even more data, which has served only to enhance our capability and offering.

Contact: Charles Williams


We act for a wide range of insurers, self insureds, brokers and companies in defending all forms of motor related insurance fraud. Our team has been involved in high profile litigation. We acted for the successful insurer in the Court of Appeal’s first interpretation of fundamental dishonesty and the impact on pleadings and cross examination. In addition to the defence of all forms of civil claims, we prosecute fraudsters. We offer a bespoke product both for private prosecutions and contempt. We have also recovered costs from legal advisors following abuse of process.

Contact: Iain Davison

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