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Insights and opinions on the latest law, legislation and policies.

A lesson for unsuspecting Company Officers – recent SFO successes and what they mean for Company Officers

Criminal law and practice is evolving at a fast pace in the areas of economic crime, and area that includes fraud, bribery and corruption. As a result…

Euros Jones
Euros Jones Partner

An introduction to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000

Peter Wake offers some guidance on the key tenets of the Act and looks at the meaning of ‘surveillance’…

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

Piercing the corporate veil

In certain circumstances, the law will “pierce the veil” of incorporation. But what are those circumstances and what does “piercing the veil” actually…

Mark Surguy
Mark Surguy Partner

Do you need a motive for dishonesty?

A review of Alam v General Medical Council in which a doctor faced allegations of dishonestly providing false documentation.

John Mitchell
John Mitchell Consultant

LVI – a changing tide?

Our long run of successes in the defence of LVI claims continued this week, with a claim being dismissed at trial, resulting in major savings for our…

Recent developments in the fight against fraudulent claims

The Government estimates that fraud costs the UK economy £52 billion per year, with insurance fraud costing the insurance industry an estimated £2.1…

Rob Williams
Rob Williams Partner

QOCS and fundamental dishonesty – a question of purpose?

The effects of QOCS, as set out in the revised CPR 44.13 which came into effect in April 2013, are now well known to those working in the personal…

Rob Williams
Rob Williams Partner

Hussain v Amin & Anor

The comments made by Lord Justice Davis in this costs appeal reinforce the benefits of clear and unequivocal pleading of defences in fraud cases.

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