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NYPE Interclub Agreement: beware conflicting time bars

Where there are different claim time limits in the same charterparty, which limit should the parties adhere to?

Phil James
Phil James Partner

Athens Convention: Passenger injury claims in International Waters

When a passenger is injured in international waters, who bears the burden of proof and when might a prima facie case of negligence arise and be…

Deck Cargo and the Hague-Visby Rules

This recent decision deals with an issue of whether the Hague-Visby Rules applied to a carriage contract in circumstances where the cargo was carried…

Supreme Court decision in the textile deafness litigation

The Supreme Court has handed down Judgment in the first noise induced hearing loss claim to reach either the House of Lords or the Supreme Court.

Jim Byard
Jim Byard Partner

Man sentenced to a year’s imprisonment after exaggerating personal injury claim

A man who submitted a £1.35m claim for injuries in a car crash has been sentenced to a year’s imprisonment after footage emerged of him playing…

Elaine Chapman
Elaine Chapman Partner

BIFA Terms revisited: time bar and set off

This case reinforces the market understanding that the BIFA 9 month time limitation, and prohibition of setting off against charges, are reasonable.

Michael Burns
Mike Burns Partner

Product liability - contaminated food stuffs

Few things can ruin a food company's reputation faster than a foreign body complaint. KFC have long been dogged with the urban myth about a Kentucky…

Disciplinary defence costs

The LSB has approved proposals to scrap the right of solicitors to claim defence costs through their insurance when faced with disciplinary…

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