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When deliberate isn’t deliberate

Insurer's appeal dismissed as exclusion clause does not cover deliberate act in assault case.

Doug Keir
Doug Keir Partner


TBC or not TBC: Proportionality is the question

How can the court and the parties decide how much resource to spend on a claim without an idea of its value?

Liam McGuire
Liam McGuire Partner


A sting in the tail of benefits reform: Universal Credit and the CRU

The significance of the implications of this for both claimants and compensators alike are becoming apparent.

Norman Challis Associate


Claims Management Companies (“CMCs”) – the regulatory dust settles

The new rules apply to CMCs and lead generators within the jurisdiction of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Kurt Rowe
Kurt Rowe Principal Associate


Judge finds fundamental dishonesty after woman exaggerates injury

North East Lincolnshire Council has successfully secured a finding of fundamental dishonesty against a woman who attempted to claim in excess of…

Suzanne Milne
Suzanne Milne Partner


Should employers get weighed down by new manual handling research?

A recent medical study casts doubt on long-established thinking on manual handling and employers' liability risks.

Peter Forshaw
Peter Forshaw Partner


“The most fundamentally dishonest case …”

HHJ Roberts described the first claimant’s case as “the most fundamentally dishonest case” that he had ever heard.

Sandra MacMichael
Sandra Macmichael Associate


Thin red lines or clear blue water – the child protection labyrinth

Child protection is an issue both of paramount importance and complexity. Understandably, it is rarely out of the news.

Peter Wake
Peter Wake Partner

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