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The perils of recognising acute behavioural disturbance

Recognising the differences between acute behavioural disturbance and anti-social or criminal behaviour can help first responders determine…

Martin English
Martin English Principal Associate
Prison for care home ‘consultant’

A care home consultant has been sentenced to four months’ custody for withholding evidence/documentation from an inquest into the death of a young…

Crispin Kenyon
Crispin Kenyon Partner

The Notification of Death Regulations 2019

The Notification of Deaths Regulations 2019 came into force on 1 October 2019, placing new duties on registered medical practitioners

David Reddington Associate

Parental consent still amounts to a deprivation of liberty

The Supreme Court has overturned the Court of Appeal's ruling in the matter of D (A Child) [2019] UKSC 42.

Morris Hill
Morris Hill Legal Director

Possible increased powers for the HSIB

HSIB may soon be a statutory body, independent of both the DHSC, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Richard Jolly
Richard Jolly Partner

Lessons learned from the Duncan Bennett case

A recent case has thrown in to sharp focus the considerable powers of coroners to demand a person or organisation to deliver up information relevant…

Sarah Knight
Sarah Jane Knight Principal Associate

High Court overturns decision due to hostile questioning

High Court overturns a regulator's decision on the basis that hostile panel questioning of the registrant amounted to a serious procedural…

Simon Turner
Simon Turner Partner

PSA publishes advice reviewing the role of ‘public confidence’ in the profession

PSA publishes advice to the Secretary of State examining how 'public confidence' in the profession is assessed in fitness to practise cases

Simon Turner
Simon Turner Partner

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