Contested probate/estate claims

Timely, efficient and expert resolution of disputes over Wills.

The right trust arrangement can protect your wealth for future generations – but, unfortunately, many people fail to put their affairs in order before they pass away. The result can be that their families fall out over who should inherit what and there can also be questions over the validity of Wills.

Even when careful planning has taken place, things can go wrong. Executors of estates and Trustees of trusts may not carry out their duties correctly, or may disagree amongst themselves about how to proceed. Sometimes, court action may be required to resolve disputes. On death, it may become apparent that someone who was supposed to be looking after the deceased’s affairs during their lifetime (the attorney) wasn't doing so correctly. This can lead to the Executors challenging steps taken by the attorney.

At Weightmans, we have vast experience of all these disputes but, more importantly, we know how to avoid them in the first place. Drawing on expertise from across the firm, we aim to resolve issues as smoothly as possible, at what can be a very trying time.

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