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Family investment companies

Advice on how to set up, structure and manage a family investment company.

A family investment company, or FIC, is a private limited company based in the UK, where all shareholders are family members and which invests rather than trades.

FICs are becoming increasingly popular as a way to secure family wealth, being straightforward to set up and a flexible and very tax-efficient way to invest cash to generate income for the family, keep control of assets and pass them to the next generation – particularly if you're familiar with how a business operates.

A further attractive benefit is that Family Investment Companies are taxed according to corporation tax rates, which are significantly lower than personal income tax rates.

If you'd like to consider a family investment company as part of your strategy for inheritance, succession and wealth planning to meet your family’s unique requirements, we can guide you through the legal process and help to ensure that your FIC is fit for purpose.