Probate solicitors

Clear, concise and informative administration of client probate and estate matters.

At Weightmans, we understand that the administration of a person's estate can be a complex, time consuming and often emotional time. That's why we work with you to take the strain and make the process as straightforward as possible.

Executors appointed by the deceased's Will are responsible for the administration of the estate, which involves:

  • Submitting an Inheritance Tax Return (now required on all estates)
  • Obtaining the Grant of Probate
  • Gathering in the deceased's assets
  • Paying any debts and liabilities
  • Paying the legacies as set out in the Will
  • Setting up and dealing with the administration of any trusts set up under the deceased's Will
  • Obtaining tax clearance
  • Distribution of what is left over.

Our experienced team helps to relieve the burden of administering an estate at a difficult time, handling all aspects, from dealing with the courts and tax offices through to finalisation and distribution.

If a person dies without making a Will (known as 'intestacy'), we'll guide you through the process of administering their estate, explaining all the options available to them. We also advise on post-death arrangements.

For those with estates outside England and Wales, we are used to liaising with foreign lawyers and applying for Grants of Representation to be resealed at court.

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